What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the most dynamic form of pull marketing the world has seen.

PPC advertising is a keyword specific search engine advertising model. You choose the keywords for which you wish your advert to displayed when a user searches.

For example, if you would describe yourself as a "london based plumber", you can have your advert displayed when a user searches for "plumber london". The advert is only paid for if a user clicks on the advert and is directed through to your website (hence, pay-per-click).

Where your advert is displayed on the results page is determined by your bid price and ultimately the popularity of your advert - the higher your bid price or advert popularity the higher on list of sponsored links your advert appears, and therefore the higher chance of your advert being seen and then clicked on.

The entire advertising model is managed by budget so when your daily budget is spent, your advert stops appearing, thus preventing you incurring any unexpected costs. We provide recommended click budgets for your market place, however the amount you are willing to spend is entirely your decision.

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