PPC Management

We offer a full PPC management service to ensure we continually optimise your PPC campaigns.

Why manage my PPC campaign?

In many markets it is necessary to manage bids and continually overlook your campaigns, often on an hourly basis.

Can you afford to be 25% less efficient when dealing with spends of £100 per day or more?

How does it work?

Our PPC management packages enable you to utilise our PPC expertise to ensure your money is spent effectively with a complete focus on conversion.

A member of our qualified PPC team will be your first point of call for changes in business direction or shifts in focus to ensure we attract the specific types of business you need at different times of the year.


Our PPC management packages are completely bespoke, dependant on your requirements and market factors. We charge a simple flat fee which is not related to your spend.

Our PPC Management Packages start at just £249 per month. For more information please call Oliver Yeates on 0845 257 1225


Other Services

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