PPC Account Setup

One of the most important stages of a successful PPC campaign is the initial setup.

Our experts are here to ensure you don't spend the first 3 months working out your mistakes and you make a rolling start.

Our Account Setup Process

We are specialist in setting up Google AdWords, MSN and Yahoo PPC accounts and can have your campaign up and running within 24 hours.

Our experts will analyse your market and provide full budget suggestions along with any website alteration suggestions to ensure your campaign is as effective as possible.

We will then construct your campaign to be as effective as possible ensuring you maximise your return on investment.

Once your campaign is setup we can provide all the basic information you need to run your campaign on a daily basis. (We do also offer full time PPC Management)

Why use us?

We are very good at what we do! Each member of our team is Google AdWords Qualified, meaning we have passed a rigorous Google examination, and passed!

We also have experience of setting up and running several hundred campaigns for many businesses; large and small.


Our PPC Account Setup prices vary upon the market you are competing within and the volume of products/services your are selling.

Our basic PPC account setup service starts at £300 (inclusive), please call 0845 257 1225 for more information.


Other Services

PPC Market Analysis
Approx click prices, Competitor Analysis etc

PPC Management
Monthly monitoring and optimisation, full ROI reporting.

Website PPC Optimization
Get your website ready for paid traffic

Already using PPC? Get your PPC account reviewed by an expert!


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